John Mazzucco

A Web Developer based in the Toronto area with experience building apps with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

What I Do

UI & UX Design

I create intuitive user interfaces that effeciently get users to their intended goal. I use Sketch for designing mockups and make UX adjustments based on insights gained from talking to users and from using analytics tools like Mixpanel.

Front-End Dev

I develop responsive and reactive web apps using modern front-end technologies and frameworks, including Javascript (ES5 and ES6), Vue.js, Vue CLI, Sass, PostCSS and Bootstrap.

Back-End Dev

When developing the back-end of an app, I follow web security standards, focus on high-reliability and optimize when needed. I have experience with Ruby on Rails 4, PostgreSQL, Omniauth, Redis, Sidekiq and RESTful APIs.



A Chrome Extension that watches Kijiji search results and notifies the user when new ads are posted. This prevents users from having to check Kijiji multiple times a day for new ads, and helps them to quickly respond to the seller. Features in development include mobile push notifications and a repost filter.


A personal task management platform that lets users plan tasks by scheduling them in a calendar. It has Trello and Google Calendar integrations which allow for 2-way syncing of cards and events. Other key features include Trello automations and a feature that allows users to gauge their productivity.


An app that allows users to search for journal articles published by PLOS (Public Library of Science). When a user enters a search term, articles are fetched through the PLOS API and rendered in a clean, modern user interface. Users can have discussions about specific articles and view metrics in the form of interactive data visualizations. This was the final group project at Bitmaker where we were given a few weeks to build an app with minimal guidance.


A clone of OpenTable that lets users find nearby restaurants, view and create restaurant profiles, leave reviews and book reservations. This was a project at Bitmaker where the goal was to familiarize ourselves with the MVC architectural pattern.


In 2015, I moved on from my position as a Business Analyst to focus on learning Web Development full time by enrolling in Bitmakers Full-Stack Web Development course. There, I learned foundational skills, best practices and industry trends in a challenging, fast-paced environment.

A year later, I co-founded a startup with a friend to build productivity apps for Designers, Developers and Freelancers. During this time, we completed Y-Combinators Startup School course, where we received mentorship from the co-founder of Mixpanel. Our main product, TManager, received a lot of interest and positive feedback, but since user retention was an issue, we decided to move on.

Now, I am a Back End Developer at Ample Organics where I work on cannabis compliance and ERP software used by over 70% of the canadian medical cannabis industry.

When I am not coding, I am usually practicing Yoga, learning about nutrition and fitness, or listening to podcasts.


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